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We are excited to provide you professional Eye Care services in a comfortable and friendly environment.  Please contact us to schedule your appointment today. 


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Suter Brook Optometry provides great service in a comfortable environment, as well as convenient location and hours. Our optometrists and opticians provide the highest level of personalized services, from eye exams and follow-up care, to frame and lens consultations.


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Our Doctors of Optometry take great pride in providing comprehensive and emergency eye care to all individuals ensuring the highest quality of care and personalized service. Our doctors take the time to listen to their patients, and address any concerns, answer any questions, and provide the best vision health care possible.

Our Services

Contact Lenses


Today’s contact lenses are more comfortable, and varied than ever before. Options exist for wearing contact lenses on a daily basis (for those that travel, or want the convenience of a fresh clean lens every time to avoid the hassles of a daily cleaning regimen) monthly basis, or even for wearing 30 days consecutively. Additionally contact lenses can be ordered in a variety of colors for those that just want a new look, or to cosmetically cover an iris defect.

They can be prescribed for people that are:

  • Near-sighted,
  • Far-sighted,
  • Have astigmatism,
  • Or those just needing a reading prescription.

 Take home a trial pair to find out if contacts are right for you!



You will love our collection of unique, modern, and stylish eye-wear from around the world. We will help you find that special pair of glasses that suits your face shape and your unique style. We want you to love your glasses!We are proud to offer the latest in lens technology so you see clearly and comfortably with your new glasses. Our staff will work with you to choose a lens design that will meet your individual needs.

Insurance Coverage


Insurance coverage 

  • By BC Medical Services Plan 
    • Children 19 years of age or younger
    • Adults over the age of 65
    • Any medically related red eye or injury
    • Extra testing for those with or being screened for glaucoma may be partially or fully covered
    • With partial coverage for those with High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Cataracts, Macular Degeneration requiring more regular eye exams
  • By Supplemental Insurance or Employee Health Benefits 
    • Many plans include coverage for regular eye tests every 1-2 years through their Health Benefits with additional coverage for glasses or contacts through their Supplemental Vision Benefits. Check with your provider for individual coverage details
  • Other Insurance Options 
    • Department of Veterans Affairs
    • Great West Life
    • Pacific Blue Cross
    • Green Shield
    • First Nations Health Authority
    • RCMP
    • Ministry of Human Resources (MHR) for those on disability or Low-Income Assistance

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